The Benefits Of TM+

The Benefits of Implementing TM+

Here is why we think you need to evaluate Trademark+ (TM+) for your affiliate channel:

We have implemented TM+ for many of our clients and see it as a growing opportunity in affiliate marketing.

For those of you who may be a bit unfamiliar with TM+, it refers to affiliates bidding on the trademarked name of a merchant, plus other terms, such as “merchant discount” or “merchant code.”

Here are the benefits of implementing TM+ with your affiliates:

  1. Efficiency of spend is greater.
  2. Total volume driven will increase.
  3. Landing page experience on partner sites also optimizes conversion for advertiser’s brand by omitting competitive ads – therefore, pushing competitors out of top paid positions.
  4. You can receive additional exposure on partner sites at negotiated rates by giving partners rights.
  5. Quality scores of partner sites for these terms are higher than advertiser quality scores, indicating a higher intent of users to go to a third party site for validation.
  6. It pushes competitors out of top paid positions on results.
  7. In tests we’ve run, we’ve seen no impact to internal TM+ SEM campaigns


Even knowing the benefits, many advertisers are apprehensive about running a TM+ test or campaign with their partners. After all, “it seems like we should be able to convert better on terms that include our brand.” However, we have seen the opposite. Bounce rates on TM+ terms for the advertiser are generally quite high and conversion rates for the partners are quite high, further indicating consumer intention.

It is important to note that there is a right way and a wrong way to launch a TM+ program with partners. Setting up an appropriate test to measure lift is crucial and since we have launched these tests with many advertisers, we have a solid best practices guide. To learn more about the right approach or to ask further questions, please feel free to reach out to us here.


The benefits our clients have gained from TM+ is well worth any added efforts!

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