The Benefits Of Implementing TM+

The Benefits of Implementing TM+

Here is why we think you need to evaluate Trademark+ (TM+) for your affiliate channel:

We have implemented TM+ for many of our clients and see it as a growing opportunity in affiliate marketing.

For those of you who may be a bit unfamiliar with TM+, it refers to affiliates bidding on the trademarked name of a merchant, plus other terms, such as “merchant discount” or “merchant code.”

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4 Action Items For Affiliate Advertisers & 2016 Trends

4 Action Items for Affiliate Advertisers & 2016 Trends

2016 – State of Affiliate Marketing

Here at Streamline, all we do is Affiliate Marketing. Our team is seasoned in the channel, so we’ve seen it evolve from a stigmatized marketing channel to a sophisticated incremental marketing channel for many companies. When advertisers begin to understand the potential of this channel and the sophistication it can have, it becomes a very powerful tool to drive efficient high quality traffic. Since we’ve seen the past, we thought it would be valuable to share how we see the future for Affiliate Marketing. Below are a few insights to expect this year.

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