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Reasons to invest in call analytics
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5 Essential Reasons to Invest in Call Analytics

Trying to figure out exactly where your sales are originating from?

Looking to enhance lead scoring for your affiliate leads?

If you want to understand where and how you’re acquiring customers, it might be time to invest in call analytics.

From tracking phone call conversions to optimizing your media budget, call analytics is a tool that many businesses are taking advantage of.

Here are 5 essential reasons to invest in call analytics now.

What Are Call Analytics?

Call analytics refers to collecting, measuring, and analyzing phone call data.

The data can then be used to optimize marketing plans and adjust advertising strategies.

These analytical tools are essential for businesses that receive phone inquiries or book services over the phone. Medical offices, home remodeling companies, and contractors are good examples of businesses that receive a high percentage of inbound customer phone calls.

With the right analytical tools in place, you can:
  • Decide if your mobile marketing efforts are worth the expense
  • Determine how many of your calls are coming through the use of mobile devices
  • Identify which affiliates, marketing channels, and ads are generating leads that turn into actual sales

5 Reasons to Invest in Call Analytics

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1. Track Call Conversions

Call tracking helps you see exactly who and where the call is coming from.

Why is this important?

Because it allows you to see what publisher, URL, paid ad, cookie, or landing page encouraged the customer to dial your phone number.

By knowing which website or ad the customer visited, you can track the entire path from the first touchpoint to the call that led to a purchase. You’ll know exactly what social media channel or website they visited and found your ad.

You’ll also be able to analyze different ads to see which ones are or aren’t working.

This is important because it’s a way to measure your current marketing strategies and campaigns. When you know where the call originated, you’ll be able to see which publishers and partners have the greatest effect on your business.

You may find that one publisher is driving all your call traffic. You may find that your paid ads are driving calls. Or you just might find that the vast majority of your calls are a result of organic traffic.

Once you know which channels are generating the most phone leads, you can use that data to better plan your media budget.

2. Optimize Your Media and Advertising Budgets

When you use call tracking software, it’s easier to determine which strategies and marketing campaigns are working.

And that information is key when creating an ad budget.

Let’s say you have two or three publishers that are generating the most conversions. You can increase your return on investment by putting more of your advertising budget into those affiliate partners or similar digital marketing campaigns.

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3. Identify Trends in Consumer Behavior

When it comes to customers, every business, big and small, has one goal in mind:

To better understand consumer behavior.

The more you understand how your customers behave, the easier it is to gauge how they may behave in the future.

With call analytics, you can gain significant insight into that data. You can learn the date and time of day of every phone call. You can learn the location of where every call is made from.

Data such as this can be extremely helpful in understanding your customers’ buying habits and shopping trends.

4. Understand Customer Demographics

While it’s important to understand consumer behavior, it’s essential to understand who your customer is.

Call analytics software allows you to gather customer information, including their name, age, gender, and location.

You can also analyze data to learn how long each call is. That can help you determine just how much information your customers are seeking with each conversation.

For example, the length of the call can be an indication of how many questions customers are asking of your customer service reps or sales team. If your customers are asking the same questions over and over, you may be able to reduce call time by providing a more informative customer experience on your website.

5. Turn Calls Into Conversions

With call analytics, you can analyze the content of phone calls to:

  • See where conversions were and were not made
  • Monitor speech patterns to detect the keywords driving conversions
  • Score calls for quality to improve future conversations and increase sales

This can help you shift your focus into areas that need improving so that you can increase conversion rates in the future.

The more call analysis you do, the bigger an advantage you will have over competitors who are not yet using this essential tool.

Popular Call Tracking Tools to Consider for Your Business

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Ready to build your business and make your marketing strategies more profitable?

Here are three call tracking software options that you can start using today to increase your marketing ROI:


For a basic plan at $39 per month, CallTrackingMetrics offers call and text tracking and attribution, call recording, call routing, and call scoring.


With a $45 per month plan, CallRail will measure call conversions, analyze ad spend data, record phone calls to improve customer service, track keywords, and track offline calls.


Invoca provides businesses with an AI analytics platform that provides actionable conversational data as well as offline call data. Contact Invoca directly for pricing.

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Your business may be getting lots of calls. But if you don’t track them and analyze the right metrics, are you missing out on increased business?

Call analytics allow you to track calls, identify consumer behaviors, discover customer demographics, and convert phone leads into customers.

The analytical data can then be used to optimize your media budget and ad spend, focus on the channels that are generating the most leads, and eliminate the campaigns that aren’t working.

There’s a lot more to call analytics than just recording phone conversations for quality control. With the proper data, you can scale your business, increase profitability, and provide your customers with better service.

And every business needs that.

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