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Partner Channel Management

From publisher recruitment to media planning, Streamline provides full-service affiliate program management. We pair senior-level strategy guidance with a detail-oriented “no stone left unturned” approach. Every Streamline client receives a custom-built management solution to mirror the unique nature of each business. We cater to enterprise and high growth startup brands who leverage SaaS-based tracking platforms. As the only agency with a proprietary analytics platform, we provide unmatched, actionable data insights.


Streamline Analytics

Our in-house, custom-built reporting software, Streamline Analytics, allows our clients to drill down to the data points that matter to them. With our proprietary software, we consolidate data from all affiliate networks into custom-built visualizations based upon client KPIs. Streamline is even able to integrate clients’ internal metrics to ensure synergies with all levels of the business.


Performance Media 

We have encountered advertisers struggling to maximize short-term budgets without committing to long contracts and agency retainer fees. Luckily, Streamline’s agility allows us to manage short-term campaigns on a 100% performance basis instead of requiring fixed costs. We provide full transparency and run campaigns with our clients’ best interests in mind, delivering them turnkey senior-level experience for less than the cost of an internal resource.


Affinity Partnerships

Streamline secures sophisticated strategic alliances with brands, influencers, and content originators. Through divergent thinking and concrete partnerships with professionals in our network, we develop tactical business development deals to support the individual goals of our clients’ businesses. Partnerships like these allow our clients to generate highly resonant new customers and achieve sustainable revenue growth.


Call Media & Analytics 

Brands able to close sales or acquire customers over the phone benefit from correctly attributing the source of those customer calls. Advertisers in specific verticals may not recognize that their highest conversion rates and revenue sales come from customers speaking directly to internal personnel on the phone. Streamline tracks the source, placement, and length of customer phone calls, and pays publishers based on the criteria and KPIs that our clients care about most.


Publisher Monetization 

Many publishers struggle to monetize the traffic they have worked so hard to acquire. By working directly with key players in our publisher clients’ internal teams, Streamline can apply contemporary monetization tactics and build a comprehensive monetization plan to support the business. Then, we leverage industry relationships to develop and negotiate partnership agreements. By allowing Streamline to work on monetization, our clients are free to continue growing their audiences, providing them with valuable content.

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