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Top up and coming beauty influencers 2019
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Our List of the Top Up and Coming Beauty Influencers of 2020

The concept of influencer marketing is more than just a fleeting trend. In recent years, companies of all sizes and in all industries have discovered just how powerful a social media influencer can be.

The beauty industry, in particular, is embracing influencers in a major way.

Beauty brands everywhere are partnering with influencers to share their products on social media. It’s a way to increase sales, gain exposure, and capture a new audience of customers.

Influencers have loyal social media followers that trust what they have to say. And the more they like your brand, the more they will promote it.

But not all brand/influencer partnerships work. The key to having a successful influencer campaign is knowing which influencer is right for your brand.

You may have heard of top beauty influencers like Huda Kattan, James Charles, or Jeffree Star, but there are new stars on the rise.

Keep reading for our list of the top 15 up and coming beauty influencers in 2020.

What is a Beauty Influencer?

yunona uritsky ajM1jHa0dlg unsplash 1024x858 - Our List of the Top Up and Coming Beauty Influencers of 2020

A beauty influencer is someone who promotes beauty brands or products to their social media followers.

Beauty influencers are not professional models or even necessarily professional makeup artists (though some are). But they do understand makeup and have a passion for beauty. They are diverse, and their authenticity makes their followers trust their word.

So what exactly does an influencer do?

Influencers post content on social media, blogs, and other video hosting sites.

Beauty gurus are content creators that use all or a combination of:


    • Images
    • Videos
    • Tutorials
    • Product reviews

Some focus on specific colors or products, while others may focus more on a look or a style, such as natural, gothic, or glam beauty. Every influencer has their own way of connecting with their followers.

For large cosmetic brands,  influencers provide exposure to new customers. They promote new beauty products and highlight different ways to use existing products.

Instagram beauty influencers reach customers that don’t pay attention to TV commercials or magazine ads. In fact, 70% of teens are more likely to be influenced by an online beauty guru than a celebrity in a TV spot.

If you’re a cosmetic brand looking for a top beauty influencer to partner with, here are the ones to watch.

Genelle Seldon

As both a beauty and fashion influencer, you can say that Genelle Seldon is the whole package.

Her 418k Instagram followers get to enjoy her lifestyle photos and high fashion looks.

Yet it’s her YouTube channel that’s full of sexy, chic, and wearable makeup tutorials for day and night.

Instagram: @genelleseldon


Also known as itslikelymakeup on Instagram, Jordi has an impressive 395k followers. Fans love her colorful makeup looks, tutorials, videos, and art. A professional makeup artist from Canada, Jordi even has her own lip gloss available for sale on furlesscosmetics.com.

Instagram: @itslikelymakeup

Nyma Tang

Nyma Tang’s extra-dark complexion makes her a favorite among followers with darker skin tones. Boasting over 392k followers, her Instagram is a collection of makeup, fashion, and lifestyle shots. Her page is beautifully curated to show how certain products and certain colors look on her gorgeous dark skin. Nyma is also well-known for her popular YouTube video series The Darkest Shade.

Instagram: @nymatang

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Over 371k followers keep an eye on what Cohl is doing in Cohlsworld on Instagram. This beauty influencer is certainly on the rise, with stunning looks featuring impeccable contours and glam eyes. He also posts a lot of wearable, everyday looks.

Instagram: @cohlsworld

Thomas Halbert

More than 366k Instagram followers agree — Thomas Halbert is one beauty guru to watch. This influencer posts gorgeous full-face shots. But it’s his impressive play with eyeshadows and highlighter that makes him so easy to enjoy.

Instagram: @thomashalbert

Cole Carrigan

One look at Cole Carrigan’s Instagram page, and it’s almost impossible not to want to become a follower. His extreme makeup looks are works of art — and what’s even more impressive is that he’s self-taught. With 350k Instagram followers, this 21-year-old is definitely making a name for himself in the world of beauty.

Instagram: @colecarrigan


With her (sometimes) colorful hair and even more colorful looks, Jkissa has 305k followers on Instagram. This tattooed beauty blogger also has a collaboration with a makeup line. The e.l.f. x Jkissa collection includes eyeliners, mascara, and color palettes that make it easy to replicate some of her favorite Insta looks.

Instagram: @jkissamakeup

Penelope Gwen

304k Instagram followers love Penelope Gwen’s vibrant, glamorous eye looks. Her page is full of captivating images and tutorials. As a professional model, Penelope certainly knows how to work it. She’s represented some well-known celebrity brands such as Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty and Kat Von D Beauty.

Instagram: @pennold

Rocio Cervantes

With 216k Instagram followers, Rocio Cervantes is known for her amazing makeup skills. She has suffered from severe acne, but you’d never know it. Colorful eyeshadow looks and the use of fun motifs such as flowers, rainbows, and stars, make Rocio stand out in more ways than one. Rocio is also a YouTuber with over 60,000 YouTube subscribers.

Instagram: @rocioceja_

Kianna Naomi

206k Instagram followers have it right — Kianna Naomi is a rising beauty and fashion influencer. She has already worked with major brands, including Fossil and Sephora, and her posts are beautiful, natural, and relatable. Her authenticity and realness make it easy to see why so many young women like what she has to say.

Instagram: @kiannanaomi

YouTube: Kianna Naomi

Kuu Kivela

Known as Rose Shock on Instagram, Kuu Kivela has amassed 194k followers by posting bold, daring looks with colorful wigs and a Cosplay vibe. This Helsinki influencer works with makeup brands and with hair care and color companies, including Living in Colour.

Instagram: @roseshock

Lauren Gores

Lauren Gores is a natural beauty who posts clean, casual lifestyle looks for her 129k Instagram followers. She has her own skincare brand called Summer Fridays, which offers a selection of vegan, cruelty-free products and face masks.

Instagram: @laurengores | @summerfridays

Rin Rodriguez

Known as “gothfruits” on their Instagram account, Rin has 125k followers who admire wild eye makeup, colorful faces, and playful looks. This non-binary artist has represented some noteworthy brands, such as Milk Makeup and Urban Decay.

Instagram: @gothfruits


Hailing from Alaska, Ashley “StrashMe” has 122k followers who watch her Instagram page for unique beauty tips and tutorials. Her looks are complex and colorful, but with her skills, she has a way of making it look easy.

Instagram: @strashme

Aaron Storms

At just 22 years old, makeup artist Aaron Storms has over 80k followers on Instagram. Incredible eye looks are his signature, and his page is full of colorful and unexpected shadow designs with a glam edge.

Instagram: @aaronsmakeup

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casual cellphone contemporary 1471752 1024x683 - Our List of the Top Up and Coming Beauty Influencers of 2020

Consumers have been influencing other consumers to make purchases for decades — through word of mouth. But now, with social media, a single Instagram post can spread the word to hundreds of thousands of people.

Over 89% of brands using influencer marketing say that their ROI is as good or better than through other methods — and that Instagram is the field to play on.

If you’re ready to find your next beauty influencer, check out the Instagram pages of these 15 rising stars!

Partnership marketing with beauty influencers, brand ambassadors, and affiliates is quickly becoming a vital strategy. Streamline Marketing can help you make connections and measure partnership results.

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